The production method is progressed on consignment where the purchaser receives the development intention and produces the finished product with the trademark of the purchase.The production cost can be reduced as the purchaser does not need to be equip with production facilities.



Manufacturer development - where the manufacturing company develops, designs products with the trademark of the purchaser according to the requirements of the purchaser. It is a system realizing total service for all processes from product planning to development, production, quality management and delivery based on proprietary technology and capacity of the manufacturing company.


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Our Objective
Our Objective

We Hope To Make
Leisure Products That Our Customers
Are Satistified With

Strive To Build Our Own Brand

The company has successfully registered 22 domestic and foreign trademarks such as SUNSHINE, SUNGLOBAL, SUNNYFEEL, OUTDOOR SPECTATOR, DAYSTAR, SUNLN in China, the United States, the European Union and other countries. Our brands are classified according be operated in different modes in high-end boutiques, supermarkets, cross-border e-commerce businesses, one-stop outdoor stores. Focusing on the design, development and innovation of independent brands, we've formed a large number of leading products with independent intellectual property rights, strong quality competitiveness and high brand added value, which helps us to seize the high-end value chain.

Strive To Build Our Own Brand


Oriented by the big outdoor needs, we specialize in a series of refined outdoor tables and chairs, and horizontally expand our product categories to provide with our customers of more choices such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. We want to create a one-stop procurement platform for all categories of big outdoor, and establish a Brand Operation department and R&D Center in Shanghai . We are planning to set up oversea warehouses in the United States to directly supply the local wholesalers to avoid the additional charges from the middleman.

Create Online Independent Brands And Use Online
Brands To Drive Offline Sales.